Thursday, 1 October 2009

Getting to know Windows Live Writer

I am writing this post in Windows Live Writer as a way of getting to know it and I have already discovered that the way to make it work like I want is through plug-ins. I love the idea of Plug-ins and there seems to be a few on offer, most seem quite old though.

So here is a review of the ones I have downloaded as I test them out

Blog This in Windows Live Writer

Installs into Firefox to let you blog what you are browsing. Does not work in the latest Firefox, not a good start....

Flickr Image Reference


I have a Flickr account so this plug-in looks interesting. It lets you search your photos and then paste the selected photo into the blog with a variety of options such as size and alignment. Very nice. I will definitely be making use of this one.

Geo Microformat

Integrates with Virtual Earth to allow an easy method of inserting a geo microformat (latitude and longitude) snippet into a blog post.

Well I selected a point on the earth and got this bit of html posted into the blog.

<div class="geo"><abbr class="latitude" value="52.7495937267412"><abbr class="longitude" value="-1.49414062499999"></abbr></abbr></div>

I think I may be missing something here, but as it stands that not much use.

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